mardi 27 septembre 2011

Short note

Hello !

First of all, thank you for following Amazinglyblog ! I’m very grateful that there are people who still visit it. I really hope you found what you wanted here and discovered new bands.
I actually was busy the whole summer on daytime and didn’t have enough time to post on the blog after work, that’s why the blog lacked new posts and updates, even though I didn’t give up tweeting and basically retweeting.
I will be short of time for a while and won't be able to attend as many concerts as I used to and won't write either any releases or bands reviews. I’ll keep posting articles with links about artists who are worth a mention. Maybe it would be convenient for you. I think that it would be better in that way than to take a complete hiatus.
Feel free to contact me if you notice some technical problems on the blog, e.g. the plugins on the right column.

Thank you for your support, your patience and your understanding ! ^ㅂ^
Take care x

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