mardi 10 juillet 2012

2009-2010-2011 Artists portraits

Hi ! I hope everything's fine for you. I'm not sure to be able to attend any gig soon, so I lost the professional version of my Flickr account for a while, because I didn't take new pictures to update it, you can't find back my oldest concerts photographs there. That's why I just uploaded a special album, with all the portraits of artists taken before or after their shows, inside or outside the Paris venues. From the whole year of 2010 to the first semester of 2011 were the greatest, the luckiest and the most prolific moments on the blog. I will continue the Click and Listen series. I hope you will stay interested in discovering independant bands on this blog, no matter where the artists come from, and whether they don't sing in your language or they sing in a specific music genre. It's still music after all.

Who are the persons on the pictures ? Maybe one of your favorite artists/bands, or maybe one of your friends ? ;-) It's obvious that pictures of other great and favorite artists are missing here. If you don't know who is that familiar face you're looking at or don't remember the band's name, check out the list below giving you the artists's names, the place and the year of the pictures. You can directly find the artists' names by opening the slideshow in full screen and then click on "show the infos/afficher les infos).

jeudi 5 juillet 2012

Previous Paris gigs : June 2012

These bands played in Paris in June 2012.