Amazinglyblog is a music inspiration blog and not a mp3 blog. It provides you official links - when it's possible - and information about music artists. As you might know, most of them have a work aside their music career. If you like their songs and appreciate their hard work behind each song, please show them your support in your own way : by attending their performances, buying their CDs, following them on social networks.
The initial idea of Amazinglyblog was to create a place where people, wherever they live, could easily discover and support independant artists. This idea came after one of Amazinglyblog's favorite bands called "The Eames Era", a Louisiana based indie pop quintet, disband in 2008. It's a shame that they were unheralded and not enough well-known at that moment despite their good songs.
Amazinglyblog actually joined Twitter in May 2009, before starting blogging in March 2010. Simple albums reviews, interviews of bands and live Paris concerts reports were featured from late 2009 to 2011 as a music journal. One of the most viewed pages on the blog was about a selection of upcoming independant concerts in Paris, and it's still regularly updated. Amazinglyblog's editor even tried to review a conference in Paris with Brian Eno and Jon Hassell in 2011.

Past projects and collaborations

The only face-to-face interview was with the artist, Peter Broderick in 2011. Exclusive photographs of artists in Paris were taken from 2009 to 2011 before or after their shows, among +150 bands seen in concerts from March 2009 to December 2012.

A few online and offline collaborations on a voluntary basis are also part of the blog's history :
- some of non-professional-but-still-ok photographs of the concert of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Wild Palms, Oh No Ono and Horse Feathers at Flèche d'Or / October 2010 Bird On The Wire (08.10.10) // collaboration with Clémence of Bird On The Wire
- organising an unexpected Oliver Peel Session (live show in an apartment) within a few days, using whatever comes to hand ; the Canadian artist The Mountains and The Trees, whose only Paris show got canceled by a venue during his Europe tour, was looking for a place to perform before returning to Canada / October 1st 2010
- a tickets giveaway for the concert of Dark Dark Dark at Glazart / November 2010 // collaboration with Romain of Glazart
- a co-written article "Gig Guide" in Paris for Vingt Paris Magazine / July 2011 // collaboration with Aidan of Vingt Paris Magazine.


Behind Amazinglyblog is a thirty-something woman who was based in Paris and is now back in Reunion Island. Say hi to her on Twitter!