lundi 29 mars 2010

Live report: 27th March 2010, Oliver Peel Session #20

Oliver Peel Session #20  Oliver Peel Session #20
Oliver Peel Session #20, UK artists: ANDI SKELLAM + THIS IS THE KIT + RACHAEL DADD + WHALEBONE POLLY. They were all very good! :) 

vendredi 26 mars 2010

Live report: 25th March 2010, LITTLE BIG DJU(FR) + MINA TINDLE(FR) + COCOSUMA(FR) at Flèche d'Or

Flèche d'Or, Paris
I went there to see Mina Tindle especially.


Live report: 24th March 2010 - YOU AND YOU(FR) + DAVID WALTERS(FR) + BEN L'ONCLE SOUL(FR)

You and You(FR) at Flèche d'Or, ParisAs I saw the French band You and You a few times now, one time in full band and in duo last year, I thought it was great to see them one more time, because they played in full band, that don't often happen, because each member are busy and have other projects. The band played first at exactly 9:00PM. I arrived on time! They were really good!


dimanche 21 mars 2010

Live report: 19th March 2010, THE GO FIND(BEL) + THE ALBUM LEAF(US) at la Maroquinerie

The Album Leaf(US) at la Maroquinerie, Paris
I got my ticket for this show since last December, as I never thought that I could have the chance in my whole life to see The Album Leaf on stage! I discovered them by watching this video by Wesley Chan (member of the 'famous' Wong Fu Productions):


vendredi 19 mars 2010

Live report: 17th March 2010 - LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION(US) at Truskel

Lightspeed Champion at Truskel, ParisDevonte Hynes/Lightspeed Champion played for Sans Pile Session organized by Magicrpm at Truskel on this 17th March 2010. He came alone on stage at around 7:30PM and played until 8:30PM. He sang songs of his new album "Life Is Sweet: Nice To Meet You", some old ones, and a new one at the encore. He said that he wrote it in his kitchen.
Lightspeed Champion at Truskel, Paris Lightspeed Champion at Truskel, Paris


jeudi 18 mars 2010

Live report: 17th March - THE TINY(SWE) at Planet Claire, Aligre FM

The Swedish couple The Tiny, with Ellekari (Larsson) Sander and Leo (Svensson) Sander, played a short acoustic radio session at Planet Claire. When I came there after Lightspeed Champion's special gig, they just finished to play. :( But I talked a little bit to them, and they are very nice people. The radio show will put the session on its website in a few days, weeks or months, I don't know. When you listen to the songs by The Tiny, you immediately think of Björk, as the voice of Ellekari sounds like a lot Björk's voice, and their songs are very good.

jeudi 11 mars 2010

Live report: 10th March 2010 - JULIEN PRAS(FR) + THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH(SWE) at Scopitone

Arrivée à 20h40 au Scopitone. File d'attente d'une dizaine de personnes dehors. Je demande à un jeune homme dans la file d'attente s'il s'agit de la file pour les places préachetées ou autre. Le jeune homme ne sait pas. (Mais qu'attendait-il dans la file?!...) Je me dirige alors vers le monsieur avec une liste dans la main. Je lui montre ma place Fnac et il me laisse passer. A l'intérieur, c'est bondé de personnes jusqu'en bas de l'escalier qui descend dans la salle. Ca ne présageait rien de bon... Julien Pras a déjà commencé à chanter. Le concert commençait bien à 20h30 comme indiqué sur le billlet. Je me faufile dans la foule et y retrouve un ami. Les gens, au fond de la salle surtout, n'arrêtaient pas de discuter pendant son concert, ça devenait vraiment agaçant. Les gens devaient être sourds pour  parler aussi fort et crier ainsi dans les oreilles de leurs amis.

mardi 9 mars 2010

SXSW 2010

The famous SXSW event in Austin, Texas will start next week. SXSW Music page
Second Play Stages feature Music Fest Artists ( "Past acts have included: Mumford and Sons, Madi Diaz, Rod Thomas and Slow Club." This year, it's Broadcast 2000, among other bands.)

You can listen to thousands of songs "publicly available on the SXSW website as of March 6, 2010 here: Home of the (UNOFFICIAL) SXSW Torrents (via Blogotheque's post).

Check out the list of bands who will play there this year. There's finally many well-known indie bands.2010 Showcasing Bands by Day/Venue
Music bands in alphabetical order


samedi 6 mars 2010



I was following the funny tweets of the UK pop folk band The Boy Least Likely To at the beginning of 2009, then I discovered Rod Thomas, because he interacted with The Boy Least Likely To on Twitter. Thank you Twitter.

vendredi 5 mars 2010

Anika In London

Broadcast 2000's new album has a fantastic lyrics booklet made by the young Anika Mottershaw(blog).

Pictures by © Anika :)

She has very good pictures and she draws some very cute comics about UK bands. She's amazing! See the one about The Leisure Society! I actually saw them before on The Line of Best Fit's website, but completely forgot to follow her work!

jeudi 4 mars 2010

Live report: THOS HENLEY(UK) + THUS:OWLS(SWE) + BROADCAST 2000(UK) at Flèche d'Or, Paris

(ok, I tried to write in English for my non-French readers, sorry in advance for the grammar mistakes. Thanks to Grouh who corrected me in some parts :p! )

I knew about this concert 2 days ago... Fortunately I had nothing planned that night. I thought I was late when I arrived after 8:30PM, because la Flèche d'Or is quite far from metro stations and you need to walk for a while. The place was a bit empty, around 30 people at that time. I met some friends there.

Since I am usually shy, it took me a while to go talk to the lead singer Joe Steer from Broadcast 2000 who was at the merchandising place. I knew him via Rod Thomas/Bright Light Bright Light, who is one of his friends. Joe Steer is also a good friend of James Yuill who remixed the tracks 'Rouse Your Bones', 'Don't Weigh Me Down' and 'Get Up And Go'. Joe is very nice and lovely, and handsome too.


mercredi 3 mars 2010

Short live reports of concerts on January and February 2010


2nd time I saw The Leisure Society in Paris. When I arrived at 8PM, I didn't know anyone there. But then, I saw Christian Hardy at the bar and talked to  him, he recognized me as well (with my twitter user name...). He told me to follow him to see Mike Siddell in the concert venue. Not many people inside. I discussed with both of them for a while, very nice as always with my poor English. Then played the French electronic music band Splash Wave after 9:30PM. Two guys on stage with one of them singing in English(?) with a robot voice.It isn't the kind of music I'm used to listen to, but it was interesting. At the merchandising you could buy some hand-made audiotapes(!!!),CDs and 90s-videogames-like T-Shirts. My friends bought some of their stuff, as one of them still used material to listen to audiotapes... After waiting a moment, the French trio Le Français came on stage. Many people seated on the floor in the middle of the little nice place with chalk walls(where you can draw anything you want with chalk sticks). The lead singer was happy to open for The Leisure Society. I didn't like their music actually... Then played The Leisure Society at around 10PM. Good timing for a friend who wanted to see them! It wasn't the usual band that night. Darren (who didn't manage to do the European tour) was another Darren as bass player. William Calderbank, the cello player, wasn't here. And there was Emy (who played with Elbow) as violonist. Just before they began, I talked to Nick Hemming and Helen Whitaker who did recognize me! "The one at Café de la Danse"...


Short live reports of concerts in 2009

♪♫ My 1st concert: MARIT LARSEN(NOR) + JASON MRAZ(US) at Grand Rex, Paris, 16th March 2009

Jason Mraz is a talented American singer-songwriter. I discovered his songs in 2006 or 2007(I don’t remember well) with his song “I’m Yours”(original acoustic version) via the video from Wong Fu Productions. Also with the Blogothèque’s videos in Paris, very cool ones. I followed him for 2 years and I discovered many artists who are his friends: Bushwalla, Tristan Prettyman, Rachael Yamagata, Dave Matthews, Two Spot Gobi, Colbie Caillat. It was a great concert, but difficult to enjoy it completely, because everyone was seated in the comfortable seats in the main part of the concert… I was lucky that he played songs I like (The Remedy, Geek In The Pink, Did You Get My Message). He never does two concerts with the same setlist. If you want to know more about his music, I recommend you to go to the website and search for his songs, many unreleased ones from years ago. I am now less fan of his music. I actually better like his old songs than his new ones. There were more folk pop rock than reggae, “sun, love, peace”. I hate all the marketing and the massive advertising by his major company which destroys all I think great about him (his songs, his personality). I mean, he wrote thousands of great songs. I used to love the original acoustic version of "I'm Yours", and now, I can't even listen to it, the arrangements and all the promotion around it made me sick of it.


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