dimanche 21 mars 2010

Live report: 19th March 2010, THE GO FIND(BEL) + THE ALBUM LEAF(US) at la Maroquinerie

The Album Leaf(US) at la Maroquinerie, Paris
I got my ticket for this show since last December, as I never thought that I could have the chance in my whole life to see The Album Leaf on stage! I discovered them by watching this video by Wesley Chan (member of the 'famous' Wong Fu Productions):

When you like a song from a band you don't know, you search on the Internet to know more about this band. It's what I did. I'm listening to The Album Leaf since mid-2007. I like the instrumental songs, the electronic sounds and beats, and seeing Jimmy LaValle, the head of this project, perform that night is incredible for me! It's like a dream becoming true. What I like in these songs, it's that there aren't almost lyrics, only melodies, but you can recognize them easily. Their last show in Paris was in 2007! So, I didn't want to miss them as I'm in Paris now! It makes me think of the Kings of Convenience who didn't play in Paris for 8 years and that I saw last November! Sometimes I feel lucky.

The Go Find(BEL) at la Maroquinerie, ParisThe Belgian band, The Go Find, was the opening band. I firstly thought that they were from Quebec, but they're not. It's a great band I like a lot now since I discovered them when I knew there was an opening band for The Album Leaf. Their recent album "Everyone Knows It's Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight" is very good. I like the song with the same title as the album and the others too.
I was very excited to see them live, but their set was quite short, only 6 songs, I wanted them play more songs! Maybe next time when they'll come back! The sound was far too loud, but the band was really great!

I think the setlist was this one:
  • Just A Common Love
  • (I don't know the title of the second song)
  • 25 years 
  • Dictionary 
  • Everybody Knows It's Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight 
  • Over The Edge

The Album Leaf(US) at la Maroquinerie, ParisThen the US band, The Album Leaf, played with a French quartet: 1 cello player and 3 violonists. It made the show better and more instrumental. As it was quite crowded, I went at the first row, right in front of the keyboards of Jimmy LaValle. And people didn't push each other, so it was quite pleasant. The audience was particularly very supportive and didn't chat between and during songs. Concert as I like to assist. But the sound was a bit too loud!
The Album Leaf(US) at la Maroquinerie, ParisThe Album Leaf(US) at la Maroquinerie, Paris

I saw many live videos made by fans years ago of The Album Leaf. They are always quite dark, with some lights games and pictures in the background of the stage. As expected, it was the same thing at this Paris show. The band played sometimes in the dark and there were lights games with the melodies and music beats. Very impressing. Good for the ears and the eyes!

Here's the setlist:
  • Perro 
  • Blank Pages 
  • There Is A Wind 
  • Within Dreams 
  • Falling From The Sun 
  • Stand Still 
  • Twenty Two Fourteen/2214 
  • The Outer Banks 
  • Shine 
  • Until The Last 
  • We Are
  • Vermillion 
  • Almost There 
  • Wherever I Go
  • [encore] 
  • On Your Way 
  • Always For You 
  • Red Eye
  • Tied Knots
After the show, you could find Dieter Sermeus(the lead singer of The Go Find) and Peter Pask(the bass player) at the merchandising place. They are very nice and even offered me some postcards and a free sample CD with remixes. I asked them for a picture and they did that! :)
Songs Postcards - The Go Find
The artwork of the postcards and of their new album are made by Julia Guther (her website). I like her work, very nice!

There also was some members of The Album Leaf! I met Matthew Resovich, Jimmy LaValle and Gram LeBron! Incredible, right? The hug that Jimmy LaValle gave me made me think that it wasn't a dream.

Matthew Resovich, Jimmy LaValle and Gram LeBron from The Album Leaf(US) at la Maroquinerie, Paris   Pendant - The Album Leaf
I finally got this pendant with the famous leaf! I dreamed of it for years! (yes, I prefer to buy things I can touch by myself, like physical CDs)