vendredi 26 mars 2010

Live report: 25th March 2010, LITTLE BIG DJU(FR) + MINA TINDLE(FR) + COCOSUMA(FR) at Flèche d'Or

Flèche d'Or, Paris
I went there to see Mina Tindle especially.

Little Big Djü(FR) at Flèche d'Or, Paris

 Little Big Djü was quite annoying, even if the guys played well pop music.

Mina Tindle(FR) at Flèche d'Or, Paris
Then the band Mina Tindle came on stage.They were great!

Mina Tindle(FR) at Flèche d'Or, Paris

  • The Good
  • Kingdom 
  • Demain 
  • Too Loud 
  • Austin 
  • Lone Rider 
  • To Carry Many Small Things 
  • Sister 
  • Lovely Day

Cocosuma was great, but I didn't stay until the last song.
 Cocosuma(FR) at Flèche d'Or, Paris  Cocosuma(FR) at Flèche d'Or, Paris