samedi 6 mars 2010



I was following the funny tweets of the UK pop folk band The Boy Least Likely To at the beginning of 2009, then I discovered Rod Thomas, because he interacted with The Boy Least Likely To on Twitter. Thank you Twitter.

Former stage name "Rod Thomas"

He is a talented Welsh singer-songwriter who lives in London. He was known as "Rod Thomas" until mid-2009, I guess (you can still see his videos on Youtube). His songs were very more folk pop with some electronic beats than now, more electronic, with influences of Ace of Base and 80s music. He uses loop pedals and is an incredible performer. I like his voice very much, I fell immediately in love with his music the 1st time I heard it! His music videos are worth to watch, especially "Same Old Lines", "Good Coat", "Your Love Is A Tease" and "You Get Goodbyes"(my favorite one).

If you want to know more about him, check out the following links:
Current stage name "Bright Light Bright Light"

He is now known as 'Bright Light Bright Light'. He explained in the following interviews why he chose this performer's name :
His songs are less folk now, but they are still very good ! There is a drummer with him on stage. Check out his blog, Youtube and of course, follow him on Twitter ! He often makes collaboration with other artists and makes interesting remixes.
I don't know if he still manages his own independant label Self Raising Records, including the artists Martipants, Rob Cowen and The Dissidents, Glorious Estefan, The Venus Stare and himself. He recorded with his friend Jen Long, the great song 'The Magic of Christmas' with all profits going to the RSPCA. It featured members of Sound of Arrows, Copy Haho, Sky Larkin, James Yuill, Slow Club, Dananananaykroyd, Los Campesinos !, Sparky Deathcap, The Venus Stare, My First Tooth and The Airborne Toxic Event. Moreover, you can even see his hands and listen to a song he arranged in this short mobile phone ad ! 
I attended one of his London shows in July 2010 and met him quickly after his performance : pictures and review here. I remember very well how nice he was that night, and I'm sure he's a great and multi-talented person that many artists would like to collaborate with. Even if I still like his past folk songs, his new songs are very good and I still love his voice. Give him support !
For Paris concert goers, he sometimes comes in Paris and performs at Pop In, if you would like to see him.

His last music videos, including a song featuring Elton John :


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