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Live report: 7th February 2011, WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS(US) + CAROSEL(IRE) + LUCY ROSE(UK) at l'International, Paris

The most famous of the three acts that night was the first to play. William Fitzsimmons opened the show quite early. Then, the Irish duo Carosel with a percussionist, and finally Lucy Rose with her recent band for her first Paris show. Very crowded on that Monday night at l'International.

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William Fitzsimmons(US)

William Fitzsimmons(US) at l'International, Paris
This bearded folk singer from Illinois can be considered as one of the best folk songwriters. He played quite early, maybe before 9:00pm. The small venue was too crowded and people on the back talked so loud, that I didn't enjoy at all his performance. It seems that he had some throat problems or had no voice. So I can barely hear his voice from both sides of the venue where the crowd sit on the floor in front of the stage. I didn't understand why technicians didn't light the venue, you didn't see anything when he came into the audience. Disappointing organization. I hope that his next Paris gig will be elsewhere and be better...

William Fitzsimmons - The Tide Pulls From The Moon (live for Face Culture)


Good-looking female singer, clear voice. Great guitar player. Great songs, but they sound all similar! I would have prefered if there were less percussions and tam-tams. Jazz and joyful songs.

Carosel - Stars (acoustic performance in the metro)

Lucy Rose(UK)

Lucy Rose(UK) at l'International, Paris

First Paris show, 2nd European show after playing the day before in Brussels. The audience saw them soundchecking, because they just arrived in Paris and didn't have time to arrange instruments and tune the four or five guitars.
Lucy Rose. A sweet name for this 22 year-old British singer with long blond hair whose lovely and gentle voice makes me think of... Laura Marling, her songwriting is different and very impressing. I discovered her (again) via her Watch Listen Tell session, months ago. She also played an unplugged performance for The Manchester Scenewipe. And very recently, she did a Shed Session in the Broadcast 2000's garden shed.

Lucy Rose - Night Bus (Watch Listen Tell session). Very, very good song.

Lucy Rose - First (Shed Sessions)

She played with the guitar player on the videos above, with a drummer and also a bass/piano/glockenspiel player who happened to be Joe Steer, the frontman of Broadcast 2000! (I was so glad to see Joe again! He played last year at Flèche d'Or and I loved his performance with two members of his band. Old live report. Website. Give it a listen, his songs are awesome!). 
Good interaction with the audience. Many supporters. Last song with the audience singing along and shouting loud in the chorus. Entertaining.
Excellent delightful set with a calm song as an unexpected encore. It's the kind of folk performance that is the highlight of the evening. She's part of the promising artists and young music talents. No doubt that she could do very nice performances in bigger venues later in Paris! Watch her closely!

Be Alright
Night Bus
All I've Got
Don't You Worry
Middle of The Bed
Bull To The Red

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