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Live report: 22th May 2011, Sunny Sunday #2 with AMBER RUBARTH(US) + RUBIK(FIN) at Café de la Danse, Paris

Rubik(FIN) at Café de la Danse, Paris

The French band Rrose Tacet finally cancelled their show and the Finnish band Rubik was the headliner of that Sunny Sunday #2. Good that the venue was quite crowded.

Amber Rubarth(US) from Brooklyn, NY.
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The show began at 8pm in a relaxed atmosphere with the American female singer Amber Rubarth with the musician Tim Snider playing violin. Nice 30-min performance. They were surrounded by Rubik's instruments. ;)

Rubik(FIN) from Helsinki.
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"Towers Upon Towers", "Through the Haze of Our National Anthems" and "World Around You" opened the set. The 6-piece Finnish band that night played an 1-hour set including songs from their last album "Solar" ("Sun's Eyes", "Solar Death March (In Octaves)" considered as their "soul music", "Laws of Gravity", "Not a Hero", "Crisis Meeting at the Lyceum", "Storm in a Glass of Water") and also songs from the album "Dada Bandits" ("Wasteland", "No Escape", "Radiants", "Richard Branson's Crash Landing", "Karhu Junassa"). Also the good song "City & The Streets". (I might have forgotten or mistaken songs titles). 
Rubik's performance at Maroquinerie last year was really good, but there's no doubt that this catchy show at Café de la Danse was even better! Brilliant! Many supporters there! The lightnings arrangements let people see figures on stage when they were playing songs from "Solar". Once again, many instruments on stage and people clapping hands. I noticed that one or two musicians playing trumpet and saxophone were missing. The members in that band are kind of multi-instrumentalists. Arturri (lead singer) played saxophone on one of the last songs and Anssi played "everything", even trumpet. If I remember well, the encore consisted in "Goji Berries" and "The Dark Continent".

When you go see Rubik in a venue, please don't keep sitting on your chair and please get up! Enjoy the show! Was this sunny and warm Sunday in Paris that made the Paris audience take a while to get up? Near the middle of the set the crowd excitement really began and lasted until the end of the gig. Two persons in the first row actually cannot keep - kind of - dancing on their chairs and got up, then three, then five persons followed them, then a bunch of thirty young persons danced and hopped in an excited and happy way in front of the stage or hidden in the left and right dark sides in order not to bother the stubborn ones in the second to fifth rows who just kept enjoying the show sitting on their chairs. Thumbs up to these people! :)

If you have the opportunity to go to Primavera Festival this week, don't miss Rubik there! Or just catch them in their Euro tour! By the way don't miss Neufvoin (the band of Anssi from Rubik), among many good bands, this Friday at Spot Festival in Denmark - this will be their first gig out of Finland - if you can be there!

"wave goodbye to the glory days, say hello to darkness".

Rubik(FIN) at Café de la Danse, Paris
Rubik(FIN) at Café de la Danse, Paris

Rubik(FIN) at Café de la Danse, Paris
Excellent band and very, very nice persons. I said it again: it is one of my favorite Finnish bands and one of the best ones. I hope to discuss with them longer next time. Give them support! :)

RUBIK by Fullsteam

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Pictures by Julien Perez of Amber Rubarth and Rubik.