mercredi 13 juillet 2011

Live report: 7th July 2011, HELENE RENAUT(FR) + MARQUES TOLIVER(UK) + VETIVER(US) at Flèche d'Or, Paris


I found her performance quite boring, sorry. But maybe you will find her songs good. 


Nice set with violin and small harp. Supportive audience, most of the people sat on the floor, I've never seen that before in this venue. "Destiny's Child meets Owen Pallett", according to my friend @alung.

Marques Toliver(UK) at Flèche d'Or, Paris

Marques Toliver - White Sails (live at Jools Holland)


Excellent performance ! The last time they play in Paris was in August 2009 for the Colors Festival at Nouveau Casino, and I wasn't there...
The audience won't forget the two men in the first rows, one shouting to the band and the other one dancing energetically on Vetiver's calm songs, but both enjoying the show.
Vetiver will tour in their upcoming US tour with the band Fruit Bats, don't miss them !

Vetiver(US) at Flèche d'Or, Paris