mardi 27 septembre 2011

Live report: 24th September 2011, EMMA GATRILL(UK) + ICHI(JAP) + RACHAEL DADD(UK) at Oliver Peel Session #40

Oliver Peel Session #40
Oliver Peel Session #40

Long time no attend a session. Busy months. There was someone from Japan in the last session I attended. (Session #35 with Eux Autres) This time there was also another artist from Japan at Oliver's. Coincidence. And second time that Rachael Dadd is invited to play a session. The last time was with Kate Stabbes from This Is The Kit and Jesse Vernon/Morningstar. This house show was pleasant with the lovely hosts as usual. Here are some pictures (no video):

Rehearsal time
Rehearsal at Oliver Peel Session #40
CDs at Oliver Peel Session #40
Quiches and drinks at Oliver Peel Session #40
Instruments at Oliver Peel Session #40


Emma Gatrill(UK) at Oliver Peel Session #40
Calm and relaxing songs. Little voice. Little harp and guitar.
She's part of the Willkommen Collective that some of you might know well now and is a member of the bands Sons of Noel and Adrian and The Mariner's Children.


An unexpected entertaining performance that made the audience smile and laugh. Typewriter, ping-pong balls, a cup of water, a trumpet, a bunch of instruments I don't know the names, clapping hands. He reminds me of Shugo Tokumaru and his band who also play a bunch of little instruments and things that make sounds and noise.

Ichi(JAP) at Oliver Peel Session #40
Ichi(JAP) at Oliver Peel Session #40

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Here with Ichi, Emma Gatrill and Chris from Broken Sound. Check out her last album called "Bite The Mountain" !

Rachael Dadd(UK) with Ichi, Emma Gatrill and Chris at Oliver Peel Session #40

Rachael Dadd - Balloon (official music video)

Chris from Broken Sound + Ichi(JAP) + Rachael Dadd(UK) + Oliver + Emma Gattrill(UK)
And the artists' picture with Oliver and the cat

More pictures: