mercredi 20 juin 2012

Click + Listen #35 : DAYBREAK

Daybreak / 데이브레이크 (KOR)
From Seoul, South Korea
Facebook / Twitter / Cyworld / Youtube (label Happy Robot Records)

Four-piece Korean indie band.

Third album preview "SPACEenSUM" (2012)

01 두 개의 심장
03 회전목마
04 오랜만에
05 da capo
06 담담하게
07 Sunny Sunny
08 모노 트레인
09 My Dream, My Life, My Love
10 Tap Dance
11 내려놓다
12 Mr. Rolling Stone (bonus track)
13 Shall We Dance? (bonus track)

I like all the songs on this album, especially "SILLY", "회전목마", "da capo", "담담하게", "Sunny Sunny", "내려놓다" and "Shall We Dance ?".

You can find their live performances from concerts and TV shows online with the keywords "데이브레이" and "Daybreak". Here's a selection of videos :

데이브레이크 / Daybreak - Shall We Dance ?

데이브레이크 / Daybreak - 팝콘 Popcorn

데이브레이크 / Daybreak - 에라 모르겠다 (live-fancam)

데이브레이크 / Daybreak - 좋다 (live-fancam)

데이브레이크 / Daybreak - 들었다놨다 (live-fancam)

데이브레이크 / Daybreak - SILLY

Let's see below what did the audience during one of their live performances. I like that ! ^_^ Only if the audience in concerts could use their screens in that way !

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