dimanche 2 juin 2013

Click + Listen #56 : ZEE AVI

From Borneo, Sarawak, Malaysia

Zee Avi - Bitter Heart (official video)

I love her voice and her songs for many years now. From what I remembered, she was a Malaysian fashion design student in London. She's also known as a singer-songwriter, a guitarist and an ukulele player. After being featured on Youtube in 2007/2008 with one of her videos of herself singing her songs or cover songs, she was soon discovered by American artists and signed at the record company of the artist Jack Johnson, Brushfire Records. (More details on her bio page and Wikipedia)

A few minutes of introduction, back from 2009.

Zee Avi - Tiny Desk Concert at NPR, 2009
"Honey Bee"
"First of the Gang" (Morrissey cover)
"Just You and Me"

Zee Avi - Swell Window (live on Singgah Sekejap)

Zee Avi - The Book Of Morris Johnson (official video)

Her songs are all good. You could always listen to her latest album on her website here and sing along thanks to the lyrics. Now it's her album "Ghostbird". If you prefer live performances, here's a mix of her live performances of songs from "Ghostbird" :

Zee Avi - Concrete Wall

Zee Avi - 31 Days

She sings mostly songs in English, but you can find singing songs in Malaysian. She often tweets and writes herself the mails you receive by joining her mailing list. She doesn't make a lot of big tours or a lot of concerts. Her concerts are mostly in the US and some countries in Asia, like Japan and Malaysia. I hope she could come in Europe and perform a concert in Paris soon.

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