jeudi 16 septembre 2010

Click + Listen #8 : BIG WAVE RIDERS

From Helsinki, Finland
Finland, you won't 'finish' to amaze me with your young bands! Big Wave Riders is one of the best young Finnish bands, among the promising French Films and Satellite Stories and many others ! It is a four-piece band based in Helsinki, where it would seem to have a group of talented young artists. I was very surprised to know that they started to make music together about 5 months ago, that means since April 2010 ! If you like "tropical, surf, pop, garage, shoegaze, indie, rock, psychedelic, 90s, brit pop" songs, you might love this very new band.

The idea is to make fresh music with some edge and some garage/punk energy in live. We are inspired by waves, echoes and experimental rhythms with electronic touch.
Big Wave Riders

You could listen to their two catchy songs, 'Big Sound' and 'Republic of The Average', on their MySpace page. 'Big Sound' begins with fast and straight beats, the guitars and the drums emphasize the voice of the unique singer. It looks like that something's broken at the beginning of 'Republic of The Average', but then came the singer's voice which makes you forget the weird sound. You can imagine yourself being on the beach, going surf. 

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