dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Click + Listen #9 : DELAY TREES

Delay Trees (FIN)

Päivää ! If you read my blog posts this month, you can notice that I introduced two very good indie pop rock Finnish bands last week (Satellite Stories, Big Wave Riders). The Finnish music scene and Finnish new bands are quite interesting and promising.
When writing my post about the band Big Wave Riders, I found a live video of them made by the excellent creative collective Stereotype Helsinki. The song 'Cassette 2012' is on their forthcoming album.

Delay Trees is a four-piece band from Helsinki and Hämeenlinna, southern Finland. The frontman is Rami Vierula that you can hear singing on the songs. On their website, you could read below their band name: "Tender pop songs that will melt your ears." TRUE. How ? The last cold, rainy and cloudy days of September in Paris this year perfectly fits to the songs of Delay Trees. I discovered them last week and some of you probably  have already heard of them. They self-released their debut EP in March 2009, it's called "Soft Construction" and begins very softly with the first song "Desert Island Song". Each time I listen to it, it makes me feel relaxed and dreamy, perfect before sleeping. It's the slowest song of the EP with the track "Replay". Their songs are the kind of songs you want to listen when staying at home, watching the rain drop outside your window, not that kind of depressing songs, but nostalgic, melancholy and soothing ones. You could easily like this band. Their songs are described as dreamy and mellow indie-pop songs, with a light touch of psychedelia. Delay Trees is one of my new favorite (Finnish) bands and Rami Vierula's voice has something to do with that. 

"About Brothers" is the second song of their EP. An indie-pop song with light melodies and xylophone notes. Watch the video here and go at the end of this post, there are surprises for you:

"We played a fun gig at Lahti and someone made a feel-good video out of it accompanied by 'About Brothers' from 'Soft Construction EP'.", Rami Vierola.

In November 2009 they signed a record deal with one of the biggest Finnish independant record companies, Johanna Kustannus Oy. If you want to know more about the band, Rami Vierola manages their official blog, he writes about the backstage side, gives some news, shares his thoughts and posts some pictures of the band, it's like a journal.
Favorite songs: almost all of them. 'Desert Island Song', 'About Brothers', 'Moving', 'Tarantula/Holding On', 'Replay', 'Resurrection of Sonic Blue' (instrumental song), 'Cassette 2012', 'Quarantine'.
The whole EP is actually amazing. 'Tarantula/Holding On' is absolutely gorgeous with the piano notes and the stirring melody. 

Delay Trees were mentioned on many music blogs last year about their debut EP, here are some excellent reviews to read:
'Soft Construction' EP review by Obscure Sound 'Soft Construction' EP review by Even In The Future 'Soft Construction' EP review by Indie Vision Music : "Delay Trees’ release “Soft Construction EP” is really worth your time to check out. Mellow indie-pop with an ambient tidal flow. "
Their debut album 'Delay Trees' is going to be released on 29th September 2010 in Finland. If you're in Finland, catch them in gigs. They're also opening for the band Teenage Fanclub in Helsinki in November 2010. I hope they'll perform very soon in France, that would be great! :)

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