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Live report: 17th January 2011, NITNEROC(FR) + MILK AND FRUIT JUICE(FR) at Pop In, Paris

Milk and Fruit Juice(FR) at Pop In, Paris
Two good French bands at Pop In: Nitneroc + Milk and Fruit Juice.

I love Pop In, but can we tell to Pop In to get better lights and not red and green, please?

Nitneroc(FR) at Pop In, Paris

Genre: electronic

9:20pm: around 50 people in the small room at Pop In. Their songs make you think of old video games themes. I enjoyed more their three last songs than the first ones. Good.

Milk and Fruit Juice(FR)
Genre: pop, minimalist

Members(from left to right on the last picture below):
The Mystery Man (Twitter / nice recipes blog) : percussion, tambourine, Nunchuk as drums (famous wireless video games controller)
LittleSa (Twitter / blog): glockenspiel, back vocals
Milk: lead singer, acoustic and electric guitar, ukulele
Cococerise (Twitter / website / blog): electric guitar, glockenspiel, back vocals (soap bubbles)
Orouni: acoustic and electric guitar (also has his own project and plays in the band The Limes)

Milk and Fruit Juice(FR) at Pop In, ParisMilk and Fruit Juice(FR) at Pop In, Paris
Milk and Fruit Juice(FR) at Pop In, Paris

Ah! I finally saw this band! I actually met some of the members a few times before, but I've never get the chance to see them all together in the same place. Fresh like... fruit juice! (#badwordplay) Joyful and sweet melodies, also melancholic ones. Songs played with ukulele, tambourine, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, glockenspiel, percussion, Nunchuk(yes). And soap bubbles. Listen to their last self-produced and self-released album called "I'm Cold Handed Cause I Have No Heart To Pump The Blood Through My Fingers" on their Bandcamp! You only can feel happy or have a big smile on your face when listening to them (really).
Favorite tracks: 'The Glance Game', 'This Thing We Don't Have To Name', 'Did You Figure Out?', 'The Perfect One', 'Things They Only Go'.
Check out the various projects of the members and follow them on Twitter when they have one, you won't regret it.

Milk and Fruit Juice(FR) at Pop In, Paris
Soap bubbles!

Milk and Fruit Juice - Intend To Be Happy (live)

Setlist, thanks to Oliver:
The Song
Does The Sun Still Shine Into Your Eyes?
The Glance Game
The Elements Girl
The Girl Who Was Born In A Box of Laundry Powder
This Thing We Don't Have To Name
My Baby's Got A New Car
Call Waiting
He's Just A Boy
Intend To Be Happy
Things They Only Go
Did You Figure Out?
A Soft Hand
The Basement of My Brain
I Turned My Feet and Went Back Home
Girl's Wanna Have Fun

Milk and Fruit Juice(FR) at Pop In, Paris
These five very nice persons will perform again next Monday with the very good Dutch band Bird On The Wire at Espace B. Give them support and go see them!

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C'est vrai que c'est étonnant que tu ne les aies pas vu jusqu'ici!
Merci pour le lien, j'en parle souvent en effet, je suis assez fan ^^