lundi 31 janvier 2011

Live report: 23rd January 2011, HECTOR PROJECTOR(SWE) + SUMIE NAGANO(SWE) + SIOBHAN WILSON(UK) at l'International, Paris

Sorry, I was very busy last week, so here's finally the short review from that concert I waited for a while. On the lineup last Sunday at l'International: the Swedish artists Hector Projector and Sumie Nagano from Gothenburg, with Siobhan Wilson from Wales.
The venue was "unusually" very crowded for a Sunday night, around 70 persons in the audience, I think. It's obvious that most of them went to see Siobhan, but I was very glad to know that there were some people who came to listen to Hector and Sumie. I saw both of them at Pop In, 7 months ago, and it was a great pleasure to see them again. One more time, acoustic performances don't really have their place at the noisy International, where people come to drink and chat. But it depends on the gigs.

Hector Projector(SWE)

Hector Projector(SWE) at l'International, Paris

9:30pm - 10:05 pm.
Very, very nice set of simple songs, as usual, played mostly on guitar, then on ukulele on the last song "You're The Hero". I remembered he played my favorite song "Twenty Twenty Vision" (that you can listen on his website and MySpace), "Endless Catwalks In The Rain" and "It's Art".
Hector Projector doesn't only sing with a smooth voice, he's also an animator who makes great animated videos and also draws himself amazing covers of his album "The Ballpoint Cover". You could see and adopt the ones you like here, just mail him. He made the video introduction of the One of A Million Festival who will take place in two weeks in Baden in Switzerland with a very good lineup (read next post).

Hector Projector - It's Art (music animation)

Sumie Nagano(SWE)

Sumie Nagano(SWE) at l'International, Paris

10:10pm - 10:40pm.
Then came Sumie on stage. Sweet voice and melodies on guitar, new songs from her album called "Transit". Some people could think that her songs are too slow, but yes, they are slow, but they are very peaceful, and I guess, very difficult to play and sing. Lovely performance.

Sumie Nagano - Sa Du Kan (Live and Direct)

Siobhan Wilson(UK)

11:00pm - 11:30 pm.
Siobhan Wilson is a young Welsh singer who now lives in Paris. She is signed on MyMajorCompany, the same label of some quite bad French singers, she's an exception. She acted like a naive little girl, that night, but what a beautiful and sweet voice she has! It's in a good French that she introduced herself and her songs. That night, she played mostly covers. For example, "J'attendrai" by Tino Rossi, "I'm Still Here" by Tom Waits and an another one by Bon Iver. To be honest, I was disappointed that she didn't play more joyful songs, like "Song For Anthony", and only played on guitar and piano, no glockenspiel.

P.S.: The self-adhesive heartshape on the back of her computer is the same heartshape you could see from the music video by Mayer Hawthorne.

Hector Projector and Sumie Nagano(SWE)

If you like José Gonzales or The Tallest Man On Earth, you might probably like them a lot, like me... Their voices fit perfectly to their own songs, they are very unique. Discover their works, listen to both of these very lovely persons. Give them support!

Review in French by The Sound of Violence

More awesome things:

Art by Yusuke Nagano, Sumie's talented father.
Music by Hector Projector: song "Unforgettable".

Sumie's sister, Yukimi, is the lead singer of the Swedish band Little Dragon which collaborated with Gorillaz. Little Dragon will play on 11th February in Paris at Nouveau Casino, but the gig is already soldout!