vendredi 22 avril 2011

Live report: 21th April 2011, MOTORAMA(RUS) at Chez Justine, Paris

Motorama(RUS) at Chez Justine, Paris


The Russian band Motorama played their first Paris gig on their Europe tour in the Mini Festival of Boutiques Sonores at Chez Justine, a French restaurant in front of the venue Nouveau Casino. The gig took place in a bar/restaurant with a small stage in the corner for live performances. Maybe you remembered that I mentioned the band name when I wrote about the one-man band White Wishes here. They played a gig together in St-Peterburg, you can find some videos on Youtube.

The show began at 10pm. Motorama didn't talk much on stage, but played most of their great songs. The bands consists of one woman (on bass guitar) and four men. Excellent performance. Inside the restaurant, some people stopped eating and watched the band, others enjoyed the songs and danced, while the waiters did their best to serve people and not to break plates. The band sold out all their physical CDs, but you can find their songs for free on their website. I highly recommend to listen to that band, you won't be disappointed. Check out their Tumblr where they post backstage pictures and their Youtube channel featuring good songs and music videos.

Motorama - One Moment (official music video)

Motorama - Alps (official music video)

Motorama - Wind In Her Hair (official music video)

Motorama - Ghost (official music video)

They did an acoustic session for Faits Divers in Dijon: