mercredi 2 avril 2014

Click + Listen #58 : SUNKYEOL

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Korean independant record label : Electric Muse
"헤드폰용 음악" (it litterally means "headphones music")

I randomly discovered Sunkyeol with their song "I'll Write When I'm There" :

There's not much info yet about the current band on their personal social pages, as they're working on songs for their upcoming LP. I guess we have to wait to know more about them. This is what it is said on their label's Bandcamp which introduces well the story behind the band :

"Sunkyeol (pronounced “sun-kyeol”) is a three piece band from Seoul. However during the course of recording their debut EP, neither were they a three piece band nor were they in Seoul. In fact, they weren’t even called Sunkyeol back then. Explaining the birth of Sunkyeol’s EP involves a lot of elaboration, involving three cities, two bands and a time span of five years.
When Joe Hollick and Kyoungmo Kim met as college classmates in London, they started writing and recording music together without big plans to be a band. The recordings were at first trials to see if anything interesting would come out of their collaboration. This was in 2005. Joe would make snippets of sound and Kyoungmo would write melodies on top of it. (With the exception of the song Songstress, where vocal melodies were written by Lucy Hayton.) Joe was into British folk, Kyoungmo was into the Cocteau Twins. This happily formed a certain sound that they would pursue for the next 2 years. With a brief period of rehearsing as a proper band with vocalist Lucy Hayton and drummer Robin Crowley and a near release of a 7”, however, nothing surpassed a Myspace band page named Hedren.
Joe went on to play guitars for mighty Wolf People on Jagjaguwar, and now lives in Gargrave, North Yorkshire. Meanwhile, with blessings from his former bandmates, Kyoungmo packed with him the musical remains and inheritance of 2005 to 2007, and moved back to Seoul in 2009. Kyoungmo now plays the songs he wrote from those London years with two new band members under the name Sunkyeol (a name which he had since 2005 but couldn’t use as people in London would have found it too hard to pronounce), with plans once again to collaborate with Joe – this time remotely – in the future. Sunkyeol’s EP is a handful of songs that started all this in 2005."

They released their first EP in 2010 which includes the following tracks :

I really like all these four songs : "Songtress", "I'll Write When I"m There", "Woolfox Depot", "Aphex Convention". They also have other songs on Soundcloud :

And one recent song "Touched" :

I'm looking forward to their new songs...

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