dimanche 6 avril 2014

Click + Listen #59 : MARI PERSEN

"Norwegian singer/violinist mixes film-noir moods with modern beats and Disney choir"

I'm mentioning the Mari Persen born in 1977, not the other Mari (Boine) Persen born in 1956.

This is her debut album "Mari Persen" released in 2009 :

"Film noir - pop - easy listening - jazz - modern beats with string arrangements performed and written by Mari."

The songs "Cool About", "So", "I'm Gonna Get You" are missing on the Bandcamp version. You could listen to the full album on music websites like this one.

I like the songs : "All In One", "Criminal", "Melody", "Leo", "I'm Gonna Get You", "Bonnie Michelle".

To know more about her, please read these pages :
After reading this interview, I remember that I discovered her in 2012 through one of my few Korean friends. It happens that an artist is more popular in unexpected countries and markets. I hope her second album she's working on will be released soon and be more popular in Europe than the first one.

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