mardi 11 novembre 2014

Click + Listen #61 : THE PAPER KITES

From Melbourne, Australia
Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr / Soundcloud / Youtube / Wikipedia
Record labels : Wonderlick Recording Company, Nettwerk Records

The Paper Kites - Young (official music video)

The Paper Kites are a five-piece indie rock-folk band (four men and one woman), formed in 2010, from Melbourne, Australia. Their songs remind me of a calm Boy & Bear's or Josh Pyke's song, sometimes The Great Lake Swimmers. It happens that The Paper Kites did open shows for their fellow country men Boy & Bear and Josh Pyke in the past. The Wikipedia page about them could be a good information source about the story of the band. They released two EPs, "Woodland"(2011) and "Young North"(2012), and one album "States"(2013).

The Paper Kites - A Maker of My Time (official video)

I like most of their songs, their gentle voices, the beautiful harmonies, also their movie-like videos. I suggest you to get their both EPs to discover their 11 excellent songs. I especially like "Woodland", "Featherstone", "Halcyon", "Bloom", "A Maker of My Time", "Leopold Street", "When Our Legs Grew Tall". In the album "States", I prefer "St Clarity", "Young," "Cold Kind Hand", "I Done You So Wrong".

Playlist with all their official videos

I appreciate the kind idea to include the lyrics in the video description in each one of their videos :

They're currently working on new songs for their next album to be released in 2015 [October/November 2014].
Did they perform in Europe ? I guess, not yet, but they should in 2015.

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