mercredi 26 novembre 2014

Click + Listen #62 : FROMM

FROMM / 프롬
Seoul, South Korea
Record label : Mirrorball Music

Fromm / 프롬 - Under The Daylight Moon / 낮달 (official music video)

Click + Listen #62 features the promising artist, Fromm. I discovered her via Mirrorball Music's Youtube channel with her catchy song below.

Fromm / 프롬 - A Spring Day Out / 봄맞이 가출 (official music video)

Fromm (프롬 in Korean) is a Korean female singer-songwriter-musician from Busan, now based in Seoul who performs with a band on stage. Her stage name comes from the name of the German philosopher called Fromm.
It's nothing better to know more about her in this interesting interview of the show K-Populous on Arirang TV (October 2014) (with English subtitles) :

For those who know well about the Korean independant music scene, like Chris from Korean Indie who reviewed her first album " Arrival" (1), I find that her songs don't remind me of typical songs by Korean independant artists. Also read his review about her recent single "Under The Daylight Moon" (2).
She arranged all the songs of her album "Arrival" by herself and when listening to it, you feel that all the songs are connected in some way and you can easily listen to it from the first to the last track.

"Arrival" is her first album released in October 2013.

Fromm / 프롬 - Merry Go Round / 메리 고 라운드 (live)

"Under The Daylight Moon" is a single released in May 2014.

Her voice is mesmerising and her songs are absolutely perfect. I'd love to find some of the lyrics translated somewhere.

Favorite tracks : 
- from "Arrival": 2. Don't Play With My Heart, 3. You and I, 4. Like You, 6. Moon Says, 7. Merry Go Round, 8. Come To Meet, 9. Isn't It Love, 10. Fireworks
- from "Under The Daylight Moon": 2. Under The Daylight Moon, 3. A Memory Spring (instrumental)
- from "Haenyeo, Living The Legacy / 해녀, 이름을 잇다", a 2013 short film about a still active 82-year-old female Korean diver : 그녀의 바다

Live sessions for onstage (온스테이지) :

Live performances for Nanjang Gwanju / 문화콘서트 난장 :
You and I 너와 나의, Like You 좋아해, Arrival 도착, Come To Meet 마중가는길, Don't Play With My Heart 마음셔틀금지

[edit - April 2015]

She's now back with a second album called "Moonbow" released on April 3rd 2015. Here's the teaser video :

If you prefer to stream and buy the album, just click on the links of major Korean music websites (Melon, Naver Music, Daum Music, Olleh, Mnet, Bugs, among others) below "Streaming and download" section on her record label page here. You can listen to the first one minute of each track when streaming, except track #7. It gives you an idea of the quality of this album. To listen all the tracks, click on "전체선택" and a small pop-up window will be opened. If you want to sing along, the lyrics are available in some of the music websites mentioned, in Korean of course. The songs are also available on iTunes.
All the tracks are great ! "Moonbow" is a very good album for spring and Fromm is an artist you really have to discover !

A rainbow hangs in the night. The notable female singer-songwriter ‘Fromm’ wanted to tell people pursuing an ideal about valuable moment which passes unwittingly. “Tonight, there is a rainbow in the night sky for you. Everybody suffer from aftermath.” Mirrorball Music

"The Aftermath"/"후유증" is one of the title tracks. You don't understand what they're singing ? Subtitles in English are available on the official video for this song.

Fromm/프롬 - The Aftermath/후유증
(feat. Minhyun/민현 of idol band NU'EST/뉴이스트)

Fromm/프롬 - Love Buzz/찌잉

By the way, Fromm also sings in English "Do You Mind If I Look At You", featured on the OST of the Korean movie "Mongolian Princess" released in March 2015.

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