lundi 13 juillet 2015

Click + Listen #64 : CARS & TRAINS

Portland, Oregon
Record label : Fake Four Inc (full profile)

Cars & Trains - I Know Someone Who Can't Recognize (official music video)

Cars & Trains is the project of the Portland, Oregon based multi-​instru​mental​ist one-man band Tom Filepp.

We actually followed each other for quite some time on Twitter, and I don't remember how we found each other... I'm sorry for mentioning him only today. Some of you might have heard of him, but if not, I suggest you to discover his songs full of unexpected mix of sounds and melodies. If you like electronic-folk, folktronica, instrumental, ambient (and experimental ?) genres and songs made of various instruments, discover the world of Cars & Trains with this Click + Listen #64.

He released several albums in the past years, from 2006 to now, available on his Bandcamp and you can also find a lot of his songs on his Soundcloud which are remixes, released and maybe unreleased songs.
The albums "2am", "The Roots, The Leaves", "We Are All Fire", "We Are All Storms","History of The Night", "Moon and The Earth" are good, and I particularly like the following songs which happen to have a video version :
- Intimidated Silence
- I Know Someone Who Can't Recognize
- The Leaves
- Between Parentheses
- We Are All Fire
- Nations

Official playlist of his official music videos

I have a question : why "cars" and "trains" ?

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