jeudi 16 juillet 2015

Click + Listen #65 : MISOPHONE

Carlisle and Bristol, UK
Record labels : Kning Disk (Swedish), Another Record (French), Lirico (Japanese)

Misophone are an English duo consisted of "s.herbert" (the multi-instrumentalist) and "m.a welsh" (the main singer) who are spending more than ten years together composing thousands of songs, and who released dozen of them per album through three record labels. They made "kitchen sink folk" songs*. They're not much online, only on the essential social networks, no website, no more MySpace. There are possible ways to listen to their songs online, but it's not easy to look for all their released and self-released albums.

I firstly heard of Misophone back at the time I was discovering Peter Broderick's discography and the uncountable record labels he collaborated with (maybe in 2010/2011?). Among these record labels, there was the Swedish record label Kning Disk. I was randomly listening to its artists roster and then, songs by Misophone caught my attention. They remind me of some melancholic-and-joyful-at-the-same-time movie soundtracks (like the movie "Castaway On The Moon"'s OST, and other animation movies), with sometimes psychedelic sounds. We could sometimes imagine the band, being in a room filled with numerous instruments and old vinyls, and practicing with Sufjan Stevens, Chris Garneau, The Burning Hell and Every Man Has Your Voice.
I'm sure some of you already know and love Misophone, don't you ? Let me know !

Discography, 9 albums :
#1 - Where Has It Gone All The Beautiful Music Of Our Grandparents? It Died With Them That's Where It Went... (Kning Disk, 2007)
#2 - Be Glad You Are Only Human (Kning Disk, 2008)
#3 - I Sit At Open Windows (Another Record, 2009)
#4 - Songs from an Attic (Another Record, 2011)
#5 - Another Lost Night (Lirico, 2012)
#6 - Laughing at the Moon (Lirico, ?)
#7 - Before the Waves Roll In (Kning Disk, 2013)
#9 - Lost At Sea (Another Record, 2013) + #8 Dust In The Corner (offered with vinyl #9)

From what I could listen to, I recommend listening to albums #1, #3, #5 and particularly #4.


#1 - Where Has It Gone All The Beautiful Music Of Our Grandparents? It Died With Them That's Where It Went... (Kning Disk, 2007)  
Favorite songs : White Waves, Nothing Down There But Trees, Deluded and Obscene, You Can't Break a Broken Heart, It's Good to Be Alive, Seaweed On The Rocks, The Sea Has Spoken

Favorite songs :  Castles in the sand, Run run run, A ghost of right wing america, Days of regret, Skylark in F., Rest asleep

Favorite songs : Good Morning Sun, Swan's Road, Blackbird On a Gravestone, The Closest I've Ever Got to Love,  Time Is a Bully We All Pretend to Love,  Castles in the Sand (Part 2), Last Night, Backgarden Bastards, I Am a Mountain Dog, From Beyond the Bridge,The Untold Joke, Rock Scissor Stone, Everything Has Changed, Song from an Attic (yes, I like the whole album)

Favorite songs : I Don’t Like What I See, The Sincerest Form of Flattery, The Sun Burns Our Skin

Favorite songs : I need to see sea, Broken Radio, Sun is gone, A brief survey of the arts

* According to Another Record, Misophone are :
"S Herbert - Vocals, guitars, violin, ukulele, banjo, pianos, mellotron, zither, autoharp, midget accordion, melodica, music box, glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, bells, miniature pump organ, chord organ, cuckoo, singing saw, Theremin, various percussion etc…
M.A. Welsh - Words, vocals, found sounds, & kitchenalia."

They might be working on their tenth album to be released soon.

For your information, you can't get misophonia symptoms when listening to Misophone.

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