lundi 18 octobre 2010

Click + Listen #10 : HER NAME IS CALLA

From Leicester / London / Manchester / York, UK
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Her Name Is Calla - Pour More Oil

It took me time to really listen to the songs of this band whose members come from Leicester, Leeds and York, UK. First listen, I quite like some songs. Second listen, I didn't like them. Third listen, I quite like them again... It really depends on the songs... This post-rock, progressive and experimental English band is signed at Denovali Records. Rather slowcore or sadcore actually. The members played different instruments, from guitar, violin, piano, banjo, mandolin to trombone, drums, harmonica, organ and even shoes ?

Their long and slow songs are reminescent of the bands : Godspeed You! Black Emperor, I Like Trains, Thee Silver Mount Zion, Mogwai, Shearwater and Explosions in the Sky. They played as support band for I Like Trains in late 2007 and for The Twilight Sad in 2008. They said being influenced by "film, family, popular opinion and the will of the masses, oppression, history, the future, the disintegration of national pride and the sense of community, the omnipresent fear, corrosion of social standards, nuclear winter, synchronised swimming". 

When you listen to the 17-min song "Condor and River" on their forthcoming debut album "The Quiet Lamb", you can easily imagine listening to the soundtrack of a sad and tragic film, where the main character is calling from despair. Several different tunes on this song, from tough notes and silence to smooth and gentle piano notes. The first time you listen to it and if you don't look at the music player, you really don't know if it's an another song you're listening to or if it's the same song.

Her Name Is Calla - Condor and River

Concerning the first track 'Moss Giant', after one minute of mysterious and dark beginning, the piano notes drive you to hopes, then the song bring you back to an unknown place.

In 'Pour More Oil' you could hear the voice of the lead singer, Tom Morris, alongside trombone, tambourine, violin, percussions. I think it's my favorite song of this album with 'Long Grass'.

Her Name Is Calla - Long Grass (acoustic)

I like the song "Thief": after one minute of a slow tambourine tempo, you could listen to some organ and violin notes, alongside a fragile voice and some back vocals. I don't know why it makes me think of sad songs by Noah and The Whale.
Here's the last track : "The Union : Into The West" with an omnipresent trombone or trumpet, I don't know. It could perfectly fits to a fight scene on a film.

They released their new album called 'The Quiet Lamb' on 12th October 2010.
It's quite interesting to listen to songs you don't usually listen to...

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