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Live report: 1st October 2010, THE MOUNTAINS & THE TREES(CAN) at Oliver Peel Session #29, Paris

Oliver Peel Session #29Oliver Peel Session #29

The Mountains and The Trees
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Do you remember that I launched a little game in June where you have to find band names including the word "and"? The band name "The Mountains and The Trees" found on The End of The Road Festival's lineup is one of them. So, this game was not that useless finally...

An unique show in France at the small Parisian venue Le Truskel was originally planned on October 1st 2010 for Jon Janes from The Mountains & The Trees, for his second time in Paris. But it was surprising not to see his show mentioned on Le Truskel's newsletter last Monday. The venue actually featured an another band and a football match, and it cancelled his gig. 

The Mountains & The Trees(CAN) at Oliver Peel Session #29The Mountains & The Trees(CAN) at Oliver Peel Session #29

Fortunalety, thanks to the help and the kindness of Oliver Peel, one of my good friends and I managed to "book" Jon Janes at a spontaneous Oliver Peel Session on Friday night. We were about thirty people, including a sweet old lady neighbour from Oliver :). Jon played weeks ago with great folk bands, like Horse Feathers, Elliott Brood, Leif Vollebekk, Dan Mangan in many European dates, including The End of The Road Festival and Reeperbahn Festival, and this Paris show was the last show of his tour. On his debut album 'I Made This For You', he played himself many instruments (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, glockenspiel, banjo, piano accordion, percussion, piano, mandolin, melodica, mellotron, ukulele) and it featured his friends musicians and Jillian Freeman from Bird & Bear on female back vocals. But for this Europe tour, he was alone and only had his acoustic guitar, a harmonica, guitar loops and a suitcase with flowers as drum. For this special session, he was the only artist invited to play that night.

I liked how Jon introduced each song with some long personal stories to an attentive audience and how he shared with us some of his trip experiences in Europe in a very relax atmosphere. He's from Newfoundland and talked about this province and island in the eastern part of Canada and its extremely low temperatures there, as some people in the audience never heard of this place before. The session became quite interactive. He didn't believe that he was playing in Paris and that made the crowd laugh and smile. The audience wanted to listen to more songs and Jon played some requested songs. He played a second time "More & More & More", as it's Oliver's favorite song of him. Then he improvised on a cover of Bright Eyes of 'At The Bottom Of Everything', and finally sang a traditional Newfoundland song called 'Lost At Sea Town', usually requested by Newfoundland people.

The Mountains & The Trees(CAN) at Oliver Peel Session #29The Mountains & The Trees(CAN) at Oliver Peel Session #29
He exceptionally shipped some LPs from the UK last Tuesday for this session and they arrived just in time on Friday morning, because all his CDs were sold out in his previous shows. He also sold all these CDs that night.

The Mountains & The Trees - Hospital View (Oliver Peel Session #29)

The Mountains & The Trees - Sun's Low (Oliver Peel Session #29)

The Mountains & The Trees - More & More & More (Oliver Peel Session #29)

The Mountains & The Trees - Up & Down (Oliver Peel Session #29) 


The playlist.

Thanks again to Jon and especially to Oliver!

Jon Janes from The Mountains & The Trees(CAN)
This very kind, caring and passionate young man of guitars and instruments is really worth to meet.
He'll come back to Paris next year in May. Be sure not to miss him!

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