jeudi 24 juin 2010

Game: Band names = [...] + and + (The) [...]

Give band names with [word(s)] + and + (The) [word(s)]. Just for fun!

156 band names in alphabetical order (1column=60 names):

With the great help of @Audwy, @sab_lub, @davidmeg, @RenaudI, @smady, @lolhiphop, @wyngaal, @alung, @esioletsuoar, @sonerezh, @zikomagnes, @Craquetoy . Thank you for playing! If you find other band names, let me know :)
= bands I added to the list

  1. Adam and Alma
  2. Adrian Edmonson and
    The Bad Shepherds

    (live song 'Teenage Kicks')
  3. Al Lewis and Sarah Howells
  4. Amadou and Mariam
  5. Amber and The Dude 
  6. Angil and The Hiddentracks
  7. Angus and Julia Stone
  8. Annie and
    The Beekeepers
  9. Antony and The Johnsons
  10. Asaf Avidan and
    The Mojos
  11. Axel and The Farmers
  12. Belle and Sebastian
  13. Betty and
    The Werewolves
  14. Ben Harper and
    Relentless 7
  15. Ben Harper and
    The Innocent Criminals
  16. Ben Harper and
    The Blind Boys of Alabama
  17. Bill Haley and The Comets
  18. Billie Joe A and Penelope H
  19. Bob Marley and The Wailers
  20. Brandy and Monica 
  21. Cars and Trains
  22. Casper and The Cookies 
  23. Chapi Chapo et Les
    Petites Musiques De Pluie
  24. Clare and The Reasons
  25. Colleen and Paul
  26. Conor Oberst and
    The Mystic Valley Band
  27. Construction and Destruction  
  28. Cory Chisel and
    The Wandering Sons
  29. Crooked Cowboy and
    The Freshwater Indians
  30. Crosby, Stills and Nash
    (and Young
  31. Curry and Coco
  32. Cybrus Gabrysch and
    The Zizaniques
  33. Danger Mouse and
  34. Dan Michaelson and
    The Coastguards
  35. Danny and The Champions
    of The World
  36. Dear and The Headlights
  37. Doll and The Kicks
  38. Drever, (John)McCusker
    and Woomble
  39. Drum Sound and
    Bassline Smith
  40. Earth, Wind and Fire
  41. Echo and The Bunnymen
  42. Edward Sharpe and
    The Magnetic Zeros
  43. Eli Paperboy Reed and
    The True Lovers 
  44. Elias and
    The Wizzkids
  45. Eliote and
    The Ritournelles
  46. Ellen and
    The Escapades
  47. Elvis Costello and
    The Attractions
  48. Emanuel and The Fear
  49. Emily Haines and
    The Soft Skeleton
  50. Emir Kusturica and
    The No Smoking Orchestra
  51. Erland and The Carnival
  52. Esben and The Witch  
  53. Fergus and Geronimo
  54. Floors and Walls  
  55. Florence and
    The Machine
  56. Francois and
    The Atlas Mountains
  57. Frankie and
    The Heart Strings
  58. Gabby Young and
    Other Animals
  59. Gandalf Murfy and
    The Slambovian Circus
    of Dreams
  60. Geno Washington and
    The Ram Jam Band
  1. Grace Potter and
    The Nocturnals
  2. Gregory and The Hawk
  3. Hangry and Angry 
  4. Heidi Spencer and
    The Rare Birds
  5. Hercule and Love Affair
  6. Hootie and The Blowfish
  7. Hobo Jones and
    The Kunkyard Dogs
  8. Hoots and Hellmouth
  9. Hope Sandoval and
    The Warm Inventions
  10. Huey Lewis and The News 
  11. Ichi and The Hand
  12. Iggy Pop and The Stooges
  13. Iron and Wine
  14. Isobel Campbell and
    Mark Laneghan
  15. James Yorkston and
    The Athletes
  16. Jaymo and Andy George
  17. Jenny (Lewis)
    and Johnny (Rice)
  18. Jenny Lewis and
    The Watson Twins
  19. Joe Gideon and
    The Shark
  20. Johnny Flynn and
    The Sussex Wit
  21. Juliette and The Licks
  22. June et Lula
  23. Karen O and The Kids
  24. Katrina and The Waves
  25. KC and The Sunshine Band
  26. Kevin Costner and
    Modern West
  27. Kool and The Gang 
  28. Kurran and The Wolfnotes
  29. Les Shelleys: Tom Brosseau
    and Angela Correa
  30. Lily Wood and The Prick
  31. Lulu and The Lampshades
  32. Margot and
    The Nuclear So and So's
  33. Marina and
    The Diamonds
  34. Matthew and The Atlas
  35. Me First and The Gimme Gimmes
  36. Medi and The Medicine Show
  37. Milk and Fruit Juice
  38. More Eats and
    The Council of Love
  39. Mumford and Sons
  40. Naomi Shelton and
    The Gospel Queens

  41. Nick Cave and
    The Bad Seeds
  42. Nimmo and The Gauntletts
  43. Noah and The Whale
  44. Paul et Louise
  45. Pearl and The Puppets
  46. Pete and The Pirates
  47. Peter and The Wolf
  48. Peter, Paul and Mary
  49. Pete Yorn and
    Scarlett Johansson

  50. Phoebe Killdeer and
    The Short Straws
  51. Pierre et Marie
  52. Plants and Animals
  53. Randy and Earl's
    Old Record Club
  54. Ralph Myerz and
    The Jack Herren Band
  55. Ray LaMontagne and
    The Pariah Dogs
  56. Reverend and The Makers
  57. Rob Cowen and
    The Dissidents
  58. Rock and Junior
  59. Rodrigo y Gabriela
  60. Ryan Adams and
    The Cardinals

  1. SammyT and
    The Tight Trousers
  2. Sharon Jones and
    The Dap-Kings
  3. She and Him
  4. Simon and Garfunkel
  5. Siouxsie and The Banshees
  6. Slim and Slam
  7. Slim Gaillard and
    His Boogiereeners
  8. Sly and The Family Stone
  9. Sonny and Cher
  10. Sons and Daughters
  11. Sons of Noel and Adrian
  12. Sparrow and The Workshop
  13. Spook and The Guay
  14. Stephen Malkmus and
    The Jicks
  15. Steve Harley and
    Cockney Road
  16. Sting and The Police
  17. Tahiti Boy and
    The Palmtree Family
  18. Taylor Hawkins and
    The Coattail Riders
  19. Ted Leo and
    The Pharmacists
  20. Tegan and Sara
  21. The Bird and The Bee
  22. The Good, The Bad and
    The Queen
  23. The Jesus and Mary Chain
  24. The Mamas and
    The Papas
  25. The Mountains and
    The Trees
  26. The Pogues and
    The Dubliners
  27. Tilly and The Wall
  28. Tim and Sam's Tim and
    The Sam Band
  29. Tom Petty and
    The Heartbreakers

  30. Tom Williams and
    The Boat
  31. Toots and
    The Maytals
  32. Troy Ellis and
    The Longshots
  33. Tumi and
    The Volume

  34. Wille and The Bandits
  35. You and Me 
  36. You and You 

Joan Baze & Indigo Girls
Jem and The Holograms ;)

Bands from: 62 UK, 53 USA, 14 France, 7 Canada , 2 Australia, 2 Sweden, 1 Yougoslavie, 1 Liechenstein, 1 Mexique, 1 Norway, 1 Bahamas, 1 South of Africa, 1 Israël, 1 Jamaïca, 1 Ireland, 1 Mali, 1 Japan, etc...