dimanche 31 octobre 2010

Live report: 30th October 2010, LIBELUL(FR) + BEACH FOSSILS(US) + HAPPY BIRTHDAY(US) at Flèche d'Or, Paris


- The French duo Libelul replaced the great New Zealand band Lawrence Arabia who cancelled their European tour. Sad.
- Beach Fossils(US)
- Happy Birthday(US)

Crowded venue and warm atmosphere on this Saturday of 3-days weekend. Many young people. I was surprised that the staff people closed the curtains between the performances, first time I saw that at Flèche d'Or...


French duo from Reims.

Some people found this band not excellent, but not that bad, compared to some other French bands, others people found it boring. I found it not unforgettable and not too bad.

Beach Fossils(US)
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Band based in Brooklyn. Surf pop.

Beach Fossils(US) at Flèche d'Or, Paris
Excellent songs! But oh so short performance! Barely 30 minutes for their French concert in their 1st European tour!! I thought the live songs would be very different from the album version, but they weren't, except that I didn't hear well the singer's voice. Were the guitar and the drums played too loud, or was I at the wrong side? They all shared one setlist and it seems that they didn't follow it. After announcing the last song, they played two songs. Kind of well-improvised show.

I really discovered them on the French blog 'Musique à Papa'.

Very nice pictures by Spirit of Ecstasy

N.B: If you like Beach Fossils, you'll like some of the bands I introduced here. Maybe you missed them. Check out: French Films, Last Dinosaurs, Satellite Stories, Big Wave Riders, Waves of The Echo.

Happy Birthday(US)

I saw Happy Birthday, the band, and I survived. I heard their band name months ago, because they played at SXSW Festival and other US shows with bands I follow, but I didn't know much about them. Four musicians on stage played more than their unique song on their MySpace. Their first song was difficult to listen to, too  punk rock for me. But then there were some songs that sound great, and others where the singer acted and looked at the audience on a weird manner (interpretations with whispers, hands on his chest/heart, hands doing circle movements in the air). If you looked closely to the stage, you could see that the drummer is a young woman with long hair who also did back vocals. They said that the French audience was their best supporter in their actual tour. Eerr... is that true?


Vincent Lamusiqueapapa a dit…

J'espère que j'aurais l'occasion de voir Beach Fossils un de ces quatre... quand ils auront plus de chansons et qu'ils joueront plus d'une demi-heure ;) Merci en tout cas pour le lien !

Amazinglyblog a dit…

@Vincent: ;) Oui, j'espère aussi...
De rien pour le lien! C'est indispensable que je le mette! ;)