vendredi 11 novembre 2011

Click + Listen #14 : NEUFVOIN

Neufvoin (FIN)
From Finland

When I listen to 'Polar Song', I immediately think of 'Modern Drift' by Efterklang. It "gives you a walk in a frozen forest where snow scrunches under your feet and the cold sun is rising from behind the fell." It's one of my favorite songs of them. A smooth and calm introduction with drums and tambourine sounds, then a mixture of different instruments(drums, percussions, keyboards, trumpet, guitar). Very nice voice as well. :)

'Polar Song' is from their new EP 'Fake Musket', released in early October 2010. 'Fake Musket' is produced by Rubik’s frontman Artturi Taira. Read the very interesting interview by New Music Community about this EP. 



They don't play a particular music genre in their songs: there are some soft melodies ('Polar Song', 'Kero Lantern', 'Villasukka') and some songs with more guitar riffs ('Rat Race', 'Mouse On Mars') and some pop songs with a lighter melody ('Robot').

They released an EP called 'Robokop', here's the review by Postamp. You can listen to it on Spotify.

Favorite tracks on this EP: 'Mouse On Mars', 'Robot', 'Villasukka'.

Recorded & mixed by Hannu Perälä. 
Filmed by Otso Kaukomies & Jonathan Rankle. Edited by Jyrki Murtomäki.

They are now called NEØV since September 2012. Website / Facebook

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