dimanche 13 novembre 2011

Click + Listen #15 : SPECIAL OTHERS

From Yokohama, Japan
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 "Special Others is a Japanese band that blends improvised jazz with post-rock influences. Their lyrics, on non-instrumental songs, mix English and Japanese worlds, oftentimes extraordinarily exemplify: difficult to decipher. The members of the band met in high school and formed the group in 1995." More info in their biography on Wikipedia

Special Others - Stars (short version)

Special Others - Good Morning

Special Others - Wait For The Sun

Special Others - スペシャル・アザーズ ライブ (video by Plants+)

Special Others - Aims (short version)
Special Others - Idol (short version)
Special Others - Laurentech (short version)
Special Others - Surdo (short version)
Special Others & キヨサク(from MONGOL800) / 空っぽ

They're really "special". Such talented musicians ! I really like all their songs.
Their discography is big. They released their latest and 5th album "Have a Nice Day" in 2012.

Special Others - album "Have a Nice Day" (album preview)

Special Others - Beautiful World (short version)

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