mardi 15 novembre 2011

Click + Listen #17 : SUNG SI KYUNG

From South Korea
Biography on Wikipedia

I don't really listen to the K-Pop music of nowadays, but I'm discovering legends of Korean music who were pretty good, even if I don't understand the Korean lyrics.
The singer Sung Si Kyung is a famous Korean ballad singer under the label Jellyfish Entertainment who started his singer career in 2000. On his profile, you can find all the info about the albums he released and music videos. His ballad songs and his smooth are well loved by the Koreans.

I like better his songs in live performances than those in the album version. His ballad songs are all different, but they are all good. I think these songs are his most popular songs :
Sung Si Kyung - 거리에서 / On The Street (live)
Sung Si Kyung -  처음처럼 / Like The First Time (live)
He has too many good songs, so here's a selection of songs :
Sung Si-kyung - 성시경 - 안녕 나의 사랑
/ Goodbye My Love
You might notice his romantic and smart guy image, but I know that he didn't hesitate to break this image on TV shows or on stage and doesn't really care about that.

This fan Youtube channel and this one are worth to check out for live performances of this singer. The easiest way to find more music videos and live performances is to search "성시경" or "Sung Si Kyung" on Youtube. This fan website is perfect for searching lyrics of his songs in Korean, Romanization and English.

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