mercredi 7 avril 2010

Live report: 5th April 2010, CHINATOWN(CAN, MONTREAL) at La Loge

Chinatown(CAN) at La Loge, ParisI discovered Chinatown with Montrealités on Twitter last October, because it followed me. It helps artists from Montreal to make people discover their music, especially in France. So, I listened to their mix of songs and liked the song "Apprendre A Danser" by the band from Montreal, called Chinatown.

Chinatown(CAN) at La Loge, Paris
As the band announced that they came to play in France, I went to see them in Paris.It was at la Loge. I've never go there, so I needed time to find the place. I finally found the place at 8:00PM and I was enough lucky to meet Pierre-Alain Faucon(one of the lead singers of Chinatown) in the street, near the van. He opened the wood door for me, as it seemed to be only unlocked with a digicode. WTF? I also met Julien Fargo outside, he's one of the guitar players and back singers.

Chinatown(CAN) at La Loge, ParisIn the middle of the courtyard inside, I chatted with Pierre-Alain for almost 30 min, in French, just before the opening artist called Cyann played. He is very nice, smiles a lot, he's a warm person and very lovely.
The venue inside is very small. The concert place is all dark with pillows everywhere. Some people seated on the ground, other in the wood benches. Cyann has a beautiful voice and plays well piano, but I was very bored with her songs.

Chinatown(CAN) at La Loge, ParisThen Chinatown played. The sound there was too loud, Pierre-Alain told me before the show that they didn't find good speakers. People were too shy to come near the "stage". The band played songs of the album, and was very good! I also talked again to Pierre-Alain for a moment. They were all very nice, even their manager!

  • Secousses
  • Du Jazz Avec l'Apocalypse
  • Flashs De Paranoia
  • Apprendre A Danser
  • Tant Pis Pour Moi
  • L'Automne
  • Bateau De Querelle
  • Pénélope
  • Tu Es Un Hit
  • Perdre Son Temps
  • La Vrille

Chinatown(CAN) at La Loge, Paris  Chinatown(CAN) at La Loge, Paris