dimanche 11 avril 2010

Live report: 7th April 2010, EREVAN TUSK(FR) + FIRST AID KIT(SWE) + LAURA MARLING(UK) at Flèche d'Or

Laura Marling(UK) at Flèche d'Or, ParisMy friend and I have to queue for tickets. I don't understand why it was so slow. 1 meter per 10 minutes. 

I arrived there at 8:15PM and entered inside the venue Flèche d'Or at.... 9:45PM. Almost 1:30 hour outside. Fortunately it wasn't very cold outside and it didn't rain. Why doesn't Flèche d'Or do some presales? It's very annoying to queue up and I think people could be very sad when they almost get in, if the concert is soldout. This happened to me the following day, when I wanted to see Band of Horses, because many people told me they were very good, and I listened to their songs online and it made me want to see them. I didn't have the chance to get in that night, but it didn't matter, because I didn't want to be in a very crowded place, and not to see anything of the band. So I came back home after 2 hours waiting outside and I wasn't frustrated  to miss the band as I seemed to be, but to waste my time, because I didn't plan to go out that night.

First Aid Kit(SWE) at Flèche d'Or, ParisOn 7th April, I missed the first French band Erevan Tusk. The lead singer of this band is also the lead singer of the band Starboard Silent Side. He told me after the concert that he was happy to be play at Flèche d'Or. with great sound quality and great audience. 

First Aid Kit, a very young Swedish duo of sisters(less than 20 years old...), played after 10:00PM. Just in time to see them. I didn't know them well, only know them by name actually. I saw videos of them on the Internet, but I didn't really like them. They have great strong voices and played well instruments, but no, I still didn't like their songs. They cries too much for me,  I find them boring.

First Aid Kit(SWE) at Flèche d'Or, ParisFirst Aid Kit(SWE) at Flèche d'Or, Paris

Laura Marling(UK) at Flèche d'Or, Paris
Then, Laura Marling came on stage at 11:00PM. I was told that Ambroise  from the French band Revolver was in the crowd. I think he really likes  Laura Marling, I saw that info on an interview last year. I also saw  Herman Düne and Thos Henley who was in the queue in front of me, before  the show. Laura played with a band, but I only saw half of them, because  it was crowded and can't see much on the left side of the stage with  the instruments' boxes. Very good performance! She's very talented! But at the end of her show, I felt sad and had the feeling to have a heavy heart.

Laura Marling(UK) at Flèche d'Or, Paris
  • Devil's Spoke 
  • Hope In The Air 
  • Rambling Man 
  • Ghosts 
  • Blackberry Stone 
  • To Be A Woman 
  • The Needle And The Damage Done (Neil Young cover) 
  • Night Terror 
  • Rest In The Bed 
  • Made By Maid 
  • Goodbye England (Covered In Snow) 
  • Alpha Shallows 
  • Alas I Cannot Swim 
  • [encore]
  • My Manic And I 
  • I Speak Because I Can