lundi 15 novembre 2010

Live report: 10th November 2010, FAUSTINE SEILMAN(FR) + DARK DARK DARK(US) at Glazart, Paris

The French artist Faustine Seilman with her band opened for the American band Dark Dark Dark at the venue Glazart in Paris. It's rare to have two women as lead singers the same night. The venue in the north side of Paris was quite crowded for both artists.

Faustine Seilman(FR)

This woman from Nantes with her three musicians (drummer, bass player, guitar player) sings in French and in English and plays piano. That night, I only recognized her song 'Never-Ending Song' which was quite catchy but... I am honest with you, I don't like the way she sings in English with her strong French accent. Her songs with only piano are great. Maybe you might like her songs, they aren't that bad, but I found them a bit boring, sorry to say that.

Dark Dark Dark(US)

At around 10:00pm came Dark Dark Dark on stage with Nona Marie Invie, the female lead singer wearing a black top and large glasses (on piano and accordion), Marshall LaCount with glasses and a hat (on bass guitar, clarinet and also piano), a cello player and a drummer. The band members come from Minneapolis, New York and New Orleans. Nona sang most of the songs on piano, but Marshall also sang a song on piano, while Nona played accordion. Their performance was really good, you might like the melodies and the piano ballads with slow and light jazz drums and cello. Nona has that beautiful and clear voice that could make her songs also perfect, if she sings a cappella. The audience was attentive and quiet, and when she played with her white pearly accordion, you can smile and feel nostalgic at the same time. If they're going to come to your town, go see them. Check out their not that dark EP 'Bright Bright Bright' and album 'Wild Go', I love their song 'Daydreaming'! By the way, Nona gave me the impression to be a very simple, modest and very nice person, I like that!

Setlist (I'm not sure at all):
Something For Myself
Say The Word
Bright Bright Bright
Nobody Knows
In Your Dreams
Heavy Heart
Right Path
Wild Go
Make Time

Dark Dark Dark(US) at Glazart, Paris
Dark Dark Dark(US) at Glazart, Paris

Special thanks to Glazart!

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