dimanche 7 novembre 2010

Live report: 6th November 2010, AGNES OBEL(DAN) + YOUNG MAN(US) + STORNOWAY(UK) at Boule Noire, Paris

Awesome lineup at Boule Noire, in this festival:

- Agnes Obel(DAN)
- Young Man(US)
- Stornoway(UK)

And it wasn't soldout!!! Big crowd in the small venue, nevertheless!


Agnès Obel(DAN)

7:40pm - 8:25pm
The band Django Django had to cancel their concert because of an injury of the singer. Can we say that we were lucky enough to have Agnes Obel instead? Probably yes! She played piano and she was with a woman who played well cello and guitar. They had also loop pedals! Incredible voice of Agnes and beautiful songs on piano! She played the very good 'Riverside' as the last song of the set. Happiness!

Agnes Obel(DAN) at Boule Noire, Paris

Young Man(US)

8:40pm - 9:25pm
It was the 4th time I saw Young Man and this was the 1st concert in Paris for Colin Caulfield and his new US band, and it's always a great pleasure to see Colin! They played the cover of 'All Tomorrow's Parties' by The Velvet Underground (very different from his solo version played in his previous Paris shows), 'Problem', 'Up So Fast', among other songs, and 'Just A Growin' ' to end the set. Colin introduced the songs in a very good French. Their performance was very catchy, with the incredible drummer and bass and guitar players. The difference with this full band in relation to his solo/duo(with Jean Thévenin) is that there are back vocals, no loop pedals and more electric guitars. You have to follow these four young men in the next months!

Young Man(US) at Boule Noire, Paris


9:50pm - 10:30pm
Excellent performance from this band from Oxford and very good French and British audience for their 1st concert in France! It was very joyful, because most of the people in the audience sang along with the band, and sometimes even louder than Brian, the lead singer! :) That was quite surprising for the band to see so many people in the venue, they didn't expect that they were quite well-known in France! So, that's great! They played a very new song written(?) last week, called 'When You Touch Down From Outer Space' (hmm... Is that the right title? I'm no sure at all). A beautiful young lady joined them in some songs to play trumpet and percussions, and the violonist also used a saw on a piece of wood on 'Here Comes The Blackout!' !!! 'The Coldharbour Road' was excellent with the violonist, especially! And 'Zorbing' was played as the encore, and everybody sang along, that was really fun!

I tried to write down the setlist, but I don't remember well, so there might be mistakes and missing songs for sure:
We Are The Battery Human
[new song] When You Touch Down From Outer Space
The Coldharbour Road
On The Rocks
I Saw You Blink
Fuel Up
Here Comes The Blackout! + Watching Birds

Stornoway(UK) at Boule Noire, Paris

That night was one of the best gigs I've ever been to! And with some good friends, it was just awesome! I can't wait to see all these bands again (and my friends as well)!!!

More links:
Nice pictures by Robert Gil of Agnes Obel, Young Man and Stornoway.


anhphicako a dit…

Comment j'aurais aimé être là. Mais, fallait choisir entre Young Man et Local Natives.

Cools photos anyway

Amazinglyblog a dit…

Thank you!
Je voulais voir Local Natives aussi! :/ Ils vont tous revenir bientôt!