mardi 16 novembre 2010

Live report: 12th November 2010, THE TWINS(FR) + KOWALSKI(IRE) + WILD NOTHING(US) at Espace B, Paris

There were presales at 12€ for this show at Espace B and it was nearly sold out, as the small venue near the metro station Corentin Cariou was quite crowded.

Lineup (vague hours info):

8:30pm - 9:05pm: The Twins(FR)
9:15pm - 10:05pm: Kowalski(IRE)
10:15pm - 11:15pm: Wild Nothing(US)

The Twins(FR)

I suppose they called themselves The Twins, because two of the members are twins in this 4-piece French band. Their performance was clumsy and not that good, and I didn't like their rock songs at all. Sorry.


This indie-electro 4-piece band from Bangor, Ireland, which is reminescent to the bands Two Door Cinema Club and Last Dinosaurs, played 6 months ago at le Truskel, and I unfortunalety missed their gig. They came again last Friday and this Paris gig was their last show of their European tour. I remember that I discovered them last May on Truskel's MySpace when checking out the gig schedule, and that Queen of Sounds mentioned them a bit later. They were awesome, as I expected. They didn't play only songs from their excellent self-released second EP 'Take Care, Take Flight', but also new ones. By new ones, I mean, a love song called 'Letters From The Height of Summer (Dear Bird)', a new song 'While We Drive' and an another one 'Outdoor' "for people who like dancing". Then, they closed their set with their brilliant single 'Get Back' (gorgeous music video). Very catchy guitar notes and synthetisers that make you dance unconsciously. Very nice voice of Louis Price as well. I saw that the audience obviously enjoyed the show! I really hope to see them soon!

This Year Ideas
Take Care, Take Flight
Phil Kansas
Navigate November
Letters From The Height of Summer (Dear Bird)
While We Drive
Get Back

Kowalski(IRE/UK) at Espace B, Paris
Kowalski(IRE/UK) at Espace B, Paris
Rob, Louis, Tom and Paddy from Kowalski(IRE/UK) at Espace B, Paris
From left to right: Rob, Louis, Tom and Paddy. The other Paddy is missing on this picture.
Look at these happy men! Very nice and funny guys! ;)

Wild Nothing(US)

Wild Nothing is actually the solo project of the young Jack Tatum from Virginia, the US. The band played in August at Glazart and... I missed their gig. The small venue was packed with excited fans, including dancing young girls in the front rows and you only can think of summer time. It was very hot, almost 30°C in there. Jack on guitar and lead vocals lined up at this venue and was joined by three other young musicians: a bass player, a guitar player and a drummer. This one appeared half naked because of the hot atmosphere and you could see all his tatoos on his chest and arms...
They played most of their albums songs without any setlist, like 'Live In Dreams', 'Summer Holiday', 'O Lilac', 'The Witching Hour', 'Chinatown', 'Our Composition Book', 'Gemini', 'Golden Haze', 'Your Rabbit Feet'. Catchy 80s guitar riffs, dream-pop melodies. gentle voice. Brilliant performance with an encore (I don't remember which song...)!! They will probably come back in a few months.

Wild Nothing(US) at Espace B, Paris
Wild Nothing(US) at Espace B, Paris
Jack Tatum from Wild Nothing(US) at Espace B, Paris
Had a short talk with Jack, very lovely young man! ;)