lundi 19 juillet 2010

Click + Listen #5 : LAST DINOSAURS

Last Dinosaurs (AUS)
From Brisbane, Australia 

Last Dinausaurs - Honolulu

I discovered Last Dinosaurs via the Australian band Cloud Control. These young men (about 18 years old in 2010) come from Brisbane and are under the label Dew Process since November 2009.

"My brother’s Japanese name is Kyokei and mine is Ryusuke, and we both have Kyo and Ryu written on our guitars, and it seemed like a happy coincidence that when you put them together, it means dinosaurs." Source Rave Magazine sur l'origine du nom du groupe

Last Dinosaurs - Alps (journey video in Japan?)

Last Dinosaurs - Time & Place

Last Dinosaurs - Zoom (single released in 2011)

Last Dinosaurs - Andy

They released their excellent album "In A Million Years" in 2012.
Last Dinosaurs - I Can't Help You (Audio)
Last Dinosaurs - Weekend (Audio)

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