mardi 23 avril 2013

Click + Listen #38 : MIYAUCHI YURI

Miyauchi Yuri / 宮内優里 (JAP)
From Japan

Miyauchi Yuri - digo_

Miyauchi Yuri / 宮内優里 - 読書 (instrumental) (live at 御徒町 WOODWORK)

Miyauchi Yuri / 宮内優里 - 読書 (feat. 星野源)

On his "media" page, you can find videos for his songs and live performances that I recommend to watch if you enjoy his songs.

I don't speak Japanese, so I don't know what it says about Miyauchi Yuri in his biography. He's a Japanese musician from the excellent Japanese record label, Rallye label. On stage he wears headphones and surrounds himself by a bunch of boards I don't know the names, loop pedals, various instruments. That makes me think of other artists I like. His songs could be perfect as soundtracks for movies / short films, background ambiances and ringtones. He doesn't sing on the songs he made, or these are songs which are remixes or collaborations with other artists. His discography is huge and he even offers you to discover his songs by downloading some of his albums for free ~ !!

He's one of the artists who took part of the amazing multi-artists project LiFETONES, which features sounds you hear from everyday life.

I can't directly embed the songs here, so I give you the links instead :
It's A Musical (band name) - The Nap (song title) (miyauchi yuri remix)
team Rallye (宮内優里 / Miyauchi Yuri + sphontik + SOARING) - zazueira

A couple of songs from a duet with the band called SiN (Tord from The Wombats and Marius from Team Me) :
Miyauchi Yuri & SiN - Mono-Winged (question mark) (live video performance
Miyauchi Yuri & SiN - My Imaginary Biography

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