samedi 27 avril 2013

Click + Listen #44 : ON VOLCANO

From Tampere, Finland
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On Volcano - The Explorer (Live at YLE)

Here's again a Finnish indie band, not from Helsinki, Oulu or Kuopio, but from Tampere. On Volcano is a four-piece band with a young woman as lead singer.

After releasing an EP called "My Sleep Was Filled With Dreams" in 2008, they just released last week their 4-tracks EP "New Blood". Their songs are clearly post-rock and shoegaze genre and are on average at least 6 minutes long. Not many lyrics, but beautiful ballads, smooth melodies, sweet and gentle voice, great electric guitar and drums arrangements. I had the impression to almost hear the wind and autumn leaves falling on the grass... Better for waking up softly in the morning than before sleeping.

01 On-Volcano-The Explorer

02 On-Volcano-Mission

03 On-Volcano-Acceleration of Heartbeat

04 On-Volcano-Ume Blossoms

On Volcano - Ride the Wolf

On Volcano - The Blank Page

On Volcano - Out of Sight

No news since July 2012. I don't know if they're working on new songs.
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[27th April 2013 : edit of the post of 17th November 2011]