samedi 27 avril 2013

Click + Listen #50 : TINY BIRDS

From London, UK
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Song "The Photographs That You Took" (August 2011)

The five piece band Tiny Birds based in London play joyful minimalist songs with ukulele, guitar, glockenspiel, banjo. These eight songs are from their new album "Hymns For the Careless" released two months ago.
"Its eight tracks are short, sweet and relentlessly endearing, suggestive of good indie stock like Hefner, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, The Wave Pictures and Port O’Brien. Previously dubbed ‘sad songs with happy music’, Tiny Birds never so much as set foot in a minor key, but their smatterings of ukulele and thick daubs of techicolour banjo nestle alongside lyrics of nostalgia and regret. The album winds a lyrical course from the beaches of Norfolk to the playgrounds of London, taking in ancient Greece and Renaissance Venice on the way. If you like simple pop melodies and complex folk arrangements then you’ll love this. The cold-hearted need not apply." (Words by Tiny Birds.)
"Hymns For The Careless" (March 2011)

I don't understand exactly the meaning of that unusual album art cover showing a man wearing rabbit ears, but it didn't stop me to listen to their album. Tiny Birds makes simple and delightful songs.
Favorite tracks: "Still", "Ariadne", "Decisions", "Hymn For The Careless", "Mirror and The Lights", "Love Isn't Logic".

They released a lot of new songs.

"Down On Your Anger / Jeff Goldblum" (April 2012)

"Local History" (Octobre 2012)

All very good songs.

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