samedi 27 avril 2013

Click + Listen #52 : HEXICON

From London, UK
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Hexicon - Something Strange Beneath The Stars

The album "The Blossoms Sighs" by Hexicon is one of my favorite albums. I discovered this London band under Haircut Records at the same time as their fellow-label band Tigercats.
Debut album "The Blossoms Sighs" (June 2010)

This Is Fake DIY described the album perfectly !

Single "Narissa I Won't" (August 2010)
No news since 2010/2011... I hope they're working on new songs.

Who is Hexicon ? According to their Facebook page :
"Hexicon started life as a three piece, a kind of lo-fi voice/guitar/french horn combo. Mike, Paul and Thomas eventually introduced Giles (bass), Andy (drums) and Greg (drums/percussion) and things exploded into softly psychedelic indiepop mayhem.
Hexicon finally completed their first album with a release by Haircut Records in 2010. The result, ‘The Blossom Sighs’ is a collection of studio recorded versions of the garage experiments that graced the CDRs of their early days, songs that have become fan favourites at shows over the last couple of years. Everyone it seems, has a different favourite Hexicon song.
In 2006, Hexicon were invited to tour Austria with Robert Rotifer, their first shows outside of the UK. Since then Tom has made guest appearances as a French Horn player for a handful of indie bands, including on recent releases by Darren Hayman as a member of The Secondary Modern.
Mike and Paul joined Allo Darlin’ to create a mean sounding beat – jangle, whilst Giles joined forces with younger brother and former Esiotrot frontman Duncan, to form Tigercats. Despite their band hopping and swapping tendencies, Hexicon continue to play regular slots in London and around the UK, and have performed at shows alongside James Yuill, Tender Trap, Super Furry Animals and The Just Joans.
The single ‘Something Strange Beneath the Stars’ was rewarded with spins on 6music, Radio 1 and 2, soon to be followed by album tracks ‘She Plays Games’, ‘Annie Oh!’ and ‘Dawn Came To Save Us.’
Haircut Records, home of Esiotrot, Houdini, and formally, The Maccabees, has released both the single and the follow up album."

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