samedi 27 avril 2013

Click + Listen #47 : THURLOW

From Washington, DC, US
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Thurlow - All The Riches

Thurlow - Through Your Eyes

Thurlow is the husband and wife duo, Jacqueline Caruso and Augustus Green, coming from Washington D.C.. I can't describe the band better than Veronica Pulcini :
"This couple began honing their musical skills together five years ago and now call Los Angeles home, where they’ve joined forces to create their own brand of lo-fi indie pop with a DIY aesthetic.
Thurlow are currently in the midst of preparing for the Spring 2011 release of their debut Spokes EP, a collection of warm melodic indie pop confections showcasing a breadth of influences ranging from The Beatles, Portishead, and Broadcast to their life long love affairs with blues and jazz. Effortlessly blending strains of pop and electro beats, along with divergent vocal harmonies, Thurlow generate a layered and textured sonic soundscape with uniquely structured songs, while still maintaining the pop sensibilities they know stand the test of time. This combined with a songbook of tracks musing on the trials of love and life gives their sound a heartfelt and personal quality." (Words by Veronica Pulcini.)
They alternate roles of the lead singer. For example, Jacqueline sings in "Through Your Eyes", and Augustus sings in the "The Hour Glass" with Jacqueline in the back vocals. Kind of atmospheric electro pop songs with guitar or synths sounds in the background. Very addictive melodies.

"Spokes" EP (February 2011)

"Walking Hearts" (November 2011)

Song "Wedding Song" (February 2012)

No news since 2012. I don't know if he's working on new songs.
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