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Click + Listen #41 : WAVES OF THE ECHO

From Helsinki, Finland
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Waves of The Echo - Boys in Debaser (demo)

Waves of The Echo - Watching Stars (When lights are turned out in town demo)

Waves of The Echo - Why Do You Love Me

Waves of The Echo play garage, surf, new wave, post-punk songs, who are reminiscent of Big Wave Riders and French Films. Their song "Boys in Debaser" is the kind of song that you can't get out of your mind, especially with the catchy tunes of the drums, the synths, the guitars and Rände's voice. 

The members of the band began to play together quite recently, so not much info about the band. Thanks very much to Tomi from the band who answered some questions:

Is there something to do with the Doppler effect about your band name 'Waves of The Echo'?
Well, we really like echo sounds like lots of reverb and delay so we thought that Waves of The Echo would be cool name and it some how describes our sound as well. Nothing to do with doppler hah.. :) I know that band´s name can sound little bit like scientist project but it´s just one cool band name. At least we think so.

Are you a four or five-piece band? I notice that you are 5 guys on the picture, and there are 4 members names on your MySpace. Why? And who is who on the picture, please?
Currently we are just four-piece group but we have bass player for live gigs. In Myspace picture from left: Tomi, Simo, Markus, Rände and Eero (who has left the band). Eero decided to move to Vaasa city which is 500 kilometers from Helsinki so it´s quite impossible for him to play with us anymore.
It seems that you're a very new band(since March 2010 or Winter 2009?), when did you begin to play together?
Yes we are quite a new band. Me, Markus and Rände are basically childhood friends. We recorded songs that are in Myspace in February 2010. So let´s say that we have been active since January 2010. Simo, our second guitarist joined us on March and after that we´ve been rehearsing regularly in our really small training slot in Helsinki and playing some gigs as well.

The title 'Boys in Debaser': is it a reference to the song 'Debaser' by The Pixies?
There is a club/bar called Debaser in Stockholm, Sweden. I was there listening to some bands in January and it´s quite ´hipster´ place if you know what I mean :) Every guy had mustaches and wearing bows. So there are this line in chorus of the song: "You can´t make it on your own, like boys in debaser bar with their bows..." Song is about that bar and traveling as well. Nothing to do with Pixies this time :)

I usually don't like to compare bands with others, because every band is different. But you are a bit similar to the band Big Wave Riders. 90s, new wave, pop, rock, punk music... I don't know how to describe your songs. Any influences? Any music favorites? How do you describe your music?
Hah, funny that you mentioned Big Wave Riders. Teppo, who is a singer/guitarist of Big Wave Riders is my little brother! We like 90´s britpop and 80´s synth-bands. Currently we´ve been listening to M83 and New Order mainly. Everybody in our band are big Oasis fans as well but I don´t think that Oasis is our influence.

Something to add or something to tell to my readers?
We just like simple and catchy pop tunes with echoes and we want to get our sound bigger and tighter. We want to play more and more gigs because it´s the best thing in the world. We will also record our first EP on winter and it´s gonna be so much fun to do.

I saw on your concerts dates that you're going to play with French Films and Big Wave Riders in December, that's great! ;) Any European tour soon, including France? :)
So far we have been playing only in Finland but after we have finished our EP, we are planning to play somewhere in Europe as well. But let´s see then... At least we´ve been requested to play in some clubs in Germany.

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[27th April 2013 : edit of the original post on 21th October 2010]