jeudi 25 avril 2013

Click + Listen #39 : CHOCOLAT & AKITO

CHOCOLAT & AKITO / ショコラ&アキト (JAP)
From Tokyo, Japan
Facebook / Vimeo / Youtube

(I can't embed the songs, so here are the direct Soundcloud links.)
CHOCOLAT & AKITO / ショコラ&アキト - Tobira / 扉
CHOCOLAT & AKITO / ショコラ&アキト - One

CHOCOLAT & AKITO / ショコラ&アキト - One (acoustic version)

She's Chocolat / ショコラ and he's Akito / アキト. They are both musician artists with their own projects and they created their duet collaboration, simply called "Chocolat & Akito" (in Japanese "ショコラ&アキト"), on Rallye Label. They released the album "Duet" and the EP "Tobira / 扉".

She's "a musician, a jewelry designer and a voice-over artist". She creates handmade jewelry called "Corchea", particularly colorful earrings (like the ones she's wearing on the video). See her online shop and collections : website / Facebook. I know that she did the female voice on the "Ah" song on the interactive web page of the Japanese educative show on NHK for children in order to make them discover design called "Design-ah / デザインあ" (that show is really great).
~ Chocolat : Website / Blog / Twitter

He's part of the Japanese band Great3 where he's one of the vocalists and the guitar player.
~ Akito : band Great3 (Website / Facebook / Tumblr / Youtube) ~
Some older songs here :

CHOCOLAT & AKITO / ショコラ&アキト - Tuning

CHOCOLAT & AKITO / ショコラ&アキト - Walking In The Park

CHOCOLAT & AKITO / ショコラ&アキト feat. Zamagi / ザマギ - What You Won't Do For Love

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